Lauren Froderman choreographs for “Samson” by Regina Spektor

If you’ve never heard “Samson” by Regina Spektor before (even if you have) you have the absolute privilege of experiencing the eloquently and ridiculously sweet love song in this beautiful way.

Originally from Arizona and now based in LA, American dancer and choreographer Lauren Froderman (also winner of season seven’s So You Think You Can Dance) has been busy writing and producing concept videos of her choreography along to some of her favourite songs. The first uploaded to her YouTube channel was a fun, slippery sequence to “Soap” by Melanie Martinez, and today she released her interpretation of one of Regina Spektor’s most beloved and well-known pieces.

The whole video, directed by Matt Thompson, is from the precious point of view of a hand-held camera, as Froderman dances for us (I guess in this case, her ‘Samson’) while we lie in bed. Changing setting and scenery are threaded seamlessly together with her fluid and poetic movement as she throws herself about the place, leaping and gracefully landing, plunging and passionately pivoting.

Froderman’s expression of her “sweetest downfall” is quite simple – which is a bold and wise move (pardon the pun) with such a delicately poignant song – but it’s not to say that what she conveys or how she moves is standard or uninspiring. It takes a serious amount of skill and control to make all that look easy, and on top of that, transmit so much pure joy and contentment through the lens.

If you’re in need of a little heart-hug, this will definitely do the trick.

Photo credit: Lauren Froderman/Instagram


EXHIBITION: “Don’t Trust These Walls” at 123space

You never know what to expect when you walk onto Stokes Croft any night of the week. There are dozens of cafes and bars always packed with brooding or buzzing punters socializing their sorrows away, music is always pulsating through the walls of these same establishments, and there is certainly an ever-present people-driven spirit that supports and welcomes art of pretty much any format. Last Wednesday, siblings Beulah Davina, ThisisDA and Eric Sings picked the rustic and minimalistic 123space to host an exhibition displaying their art and music.

Creative talent obviously runs strong in the blood and it’s really nice to see a sister and her two brothers collaborating this way. It was a successful night with many of their friends in attendance, as well as several curious passers-by who wandered in to take a look (even a white cat snuck in to see what the fuss was about). I brought my friend Salma along and after making the rounds we pondered the overall vibe. To both of us we perceived pain, juxtaposed with peace and self-identity, and of course strength of familial bonds. At the end of the night ThisisDA got up on stage and gave us a few verses. Take a look: